Wander into Glowwood — an oracle card deck rooted in ecology, written in nature’s language — and allow its plants, insects, fungi, lichens, and minerals to enmesh you in their wild and knotted relationships. Their landscapes are reflections of ourselves.

This first-edition premium set contains a 78-card deck, a 276-page companion book, and a black linen bag. You will find all the tools and knowledge necessary to peel back the veil of “the ordinary” and find the shining threads of the forest’s universal truths.


  • a flexible interpretation system suitable for divination, as a psychological tool, for storytelling, for conversation, for creative inspiration
  • mysteriously stunning illustrations on durable, matte, anti-scratch cards
  • practical forest ecology knowledge that will rock your world
  • a non-hierarchical system in which each being plays a unique role
  • poetic, transcendent texts, channeled straight from the woods
  • a unique symbolic shorthand for fluent reading
  • illustrated spreads and extensions for your practice
  • easy-to-navigate indices for all cards and symbols

Matter flows. The wild teaches. Such is the real magic of nature.


Did accidentally touching a hedgerow en route to work in Houston, Texas, in 2015, lead Lisa to create Glowwood? How are Finnish bog plants and dry-climate Georgian plants alike? Could a love for ecology be a response to trauma? Find out in this magical episode of the legendary Witch Wednesdays podcast.

Listen to the audio-version here.

Witch Wednesdays

“truly the consequence of a deep and studied passion for the natural world…non-hierarchical, non-humancentric, and profoundly real….”

“What makes the Glowwood cards so powerful is that they hinge on real ecological relationships and encode the world’s actual ways of being. It’s no wonder Glowwood is already attaining a small-yet-devoted cult following of readers who find that the cards and their poetry-in-prose paired texts hold profound insights for their own lives.”

Enchanted Living


“a majestic opus to the wisdom of the woods…an absolute treasure…meticulous detail…honors the lineage of knowledge the creator learned from.”

Indie Deck Review

“I’ve never found a deck that is so rooted in the ecology and nature and the interwoven relationships between the species: plants, soils, minerals, fungi such as this one. That’s what is so unique and what it brings to the table and that’s really what made this deck so special for me.”

The Waves of Your Soul

“So there’s a lot of great depth to this deck. I think it has a potential to do a very healing experience. This is one of my favorite plant workers. And I have many plant oracle decks.”


“I am absolutely bowled over by this…This is a great tool for biology, ecology, science students, gardening students, forest schools…I have learned so much from this, and it’s eerily accurate. These cards are amazing…This is a longterm-use deck…Even if you don’t use it for divination, you are going to learn amazing things. I am going to recommend all of my Celtic reiki students buy this one.”

Sarah Louise Tilsley

“The cardstock feels amazing…The book is really beautifully illustrated…It didn’t take too long to pick up on it…I really love what it’s doing… and I am really quite fascinated by this…It’s much more than just a list of plants or insects or soils…I’m really starting to see the way these energies interact with each other, which makes it very viable as a representation of situations and has me quite, quite excited.”

The Truth In Story

“The cards themselves are really, really gorgeous. I really love the backs…and I love the muted color tones within this deck. It’s a matte finish and it’s scratch resistant, which is really nice…It is so unlike many of the other decks we are accustomed to seeing… It comes with so many layers and the availability to go deeper…The deck is smart.”

Project Refined Life

“It’s amazing. I don’t know how she did it all… The card has a lot on it, but it’s done in a really efficient way…It is so different from anything that is on my shelf right now…It’s very eye-opening, how deep these can be, especially when you use them in a spread…A really well done deck, very unique…Everything is connected, it’s really cool…Lots of different ways of using the cards…The spreads are really informative…Unlike anything I have seen before…I highly recommend if you want something unique and different. The quality is there, the info is there, it’s fantastic.”

Wicked Moonlight

“Super interesting…unique… gorgeous… love the edges and the color choices…really enjoy that she put in the less common woodsy creatures…I absolutely love this deck…like walking through the forest.”

Ella Enchanted


“This deck is so well done with an exquisite complexity that comes from truly understanding nature.”

The Green Witches Homestead

“Project of the decade.”

Katya Libkind

“They are incredible, of course. Both the cards and the system. I took them to divine in the forest. The forest rustled with pleasure.”

Lena Samoylenko

“I am astounded. An incredible project, among the most interesting things to come out in years.”

Sasha Andrusyk

“The cards are wonderful, loved by everybody without exception. I am impressed both with the illustrations and the text… You would be surprised how many things you can discover while trying to explain to your partner why it is that she is a Maybug and you are a Plantain.”